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What to do with Kids in DC / Winter Edition

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The Perfect Day in DC with Kids

Mostly everyone wants to know what to do with their kids during a trip to DC. Especially now during the cold days of winter have hit, even area residents need a refresher. So, here is our effort at giving you some ideas.

Breakfast Places:

Open City / Woodley Park

opencitydcBy far one of the best breakfast and lunch restaurants in the city (for kids big and small). They serve everything, from home made potato chips to luscious oversized french toast. It’s location is right at the center of it all giving people access to almost everything within minutes.  For example, if you take a cab you can reach the National Zoo in 3 minutes, or the Lincoln Memorial in 7 (assuming their is no accident of course). See the Menu here.

Now, after you are all full up with all that scrumptious yumminess, you need to find a place to go. If it’s even a remotely warm, meaning over 40 degrees, The National Zoo is a terrific place to go. There are plenty of place to go there that are inside. But let’s say that you want to try something different.

There is a new Museum in DC that people (mostly young boy between 7-14 — and yes 40 year old men) love. Welcome to the Spy Museum! From interactive exhibits to learning the history of espionage, there is nothing like it in town. And if your family wants true bragging rights about what they saw while in town, then this is the kind of place.

This is a quote from their site:

The International Spy Museum

  • The International Spy Museum is fun for the whole family! While all children are welcome, the Museum’s content is best suited for ages 7 and up. Here are some resources for you to plan your family’s visit. In addition, the Museum offers scheduled programs and events, and ongoing interactive experiences. Resources are also available here to bring out your inner spy at home.

    The International Spy Museum

Spy Museum DC

Catching Lunch

After you’re done there, there are so many places to eat it will make your head spin. The good news is one of my favorite kid places in the world is walking distance from the Spy Museum.

Five Guys

At the corner of H and 8th Street, this Burger Joint is fast and fun, and one of the best burgers you will ever eat, period. I’m serious. Zagat doesn’t lie, right? In any event, you will than me for the rest of your life.

Now that you are full you need to go to one of the coolest museums in the world: The American History Museum.

The American History Museum


Everything is here. From Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s robe, to Dorothy’s Ruby slippers: America’s pop and cultural history lives here.






Now that you’ve had a full day, there is nothing like some great Pizza to wash it all down. Washington is very lucky we have the 2Amy’s. A Cleveland Park treasure, there are no pies like it. They are simply just awesome.


The Uptown Theater

The Uptown Theater is one of the most beautiful theaters in the country. Just check these out. And have FUN!

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.47.20 PM

Any way. Hope you have an awesome day with the kiddos.

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