Sara’s Top 7 YouTube music videos // Top 2 Bottom // Not…

Foxygen // No Destruction.

Magical Cloudz // Childhood’s End

San Fermin // Sonsick

Arcade Fire // Afterlife

Haim // Falling

Local Natives // Heavy Feet

Beach House // Wishes

Sara’s Top 7 YouTube music videos // Top 2 Bottom // Not Ranked!

1. Foxygen  No Destruction // The appeal of Foxygen is that every song sounds completely different, but this is about the video.. and has a video ever portrayed a song better than this? It’s effortless, relaxed, and makes me want to listen to old Bob Dylan records.

2. Magical Cloudz  Childhood’s End // I knew this was one of my fav videos of the year when my 2 year old son couldn’t take his eyes off of the screen. He immediately picked up on the chorus and even made his voice deep like Devon Welsh. The negative vibes I get from it don’t even resonate with him. It’s amazing how a child can bring out a completely different side of music.

3. San Fermin  Sonsick // I didn’t like this song until I saw this video. To sing over all that instrumentation is impressive to say the least. This might be one of the best songs of the year. I am pretty bummed I missed them perform at the Strathmore

4. Arcade Fire  Afterlife // So, I couldn’t do a list without including my fav band of all time (other than Jane’s Addiction, of course). There are multiple videos for this song, but I recommend this one. After watching it, I realize I wish I would’ve done theater in high school. Greta Gerwig is impressive.

5. Haim  Falling // This isn’t my fav Haim song (Don’t Save Me gets that title) but the video is amazing. It’s empowering to women, but in a silly way. I mean catching fish in the woods while wearing cute flannels and cut-off shorts…it doesn’t get better than that!

6. Local Natives  Heavy Feet // This is my “feel good” video pick. Other than the talking sandwiches, which immediately caught my attention, I couldn’t help feeling inspired by the rest of the video…watch it here to see what I mean.

7. Beach House  Wishes // I had to include this on my list just because I FINALLY watched Twin Peaks on Netflix this year and fell in love with Ray Wise (AKA Leland Palmer). I feel like you won’t really enjoy the video though unless you have seen the show, so check it out!

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