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Jessica Evans, Partner Associate Finalist for Realtor Mag’s 2014 30 under 30!

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2014_Evans_JessicaJessica Evans

“I serve single, well-educated, market-savvy women of the millennial generation looking for the perfect starter home close to downtown D.C. My advantage in targeting this demographic is that I fit the description. Whether designing a marketing piece or responding to a lead, I can easily put myself in a buyer’s shoes. But in some ways this demographic is really uncharted waters. I engage with my target clients both in person and online, but social interaction is not enough to build a dependable business. So, I created a series of first-time home buyer webinars for University of Maryland graduate students.”

Salesperson | Real Living At Home | Washington, D.C. | LoveLiveDC.comAge: 27 | 2013 Individual Sales
Volume: $7.2 million | 2013 Individual Sides: 19
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